The month of April is almost gone!

Here are a few quick things that have occurred this month…image imagethe evolution of our garden… image a few fun wine tastings…imageimage lunch with my sissy, when my work took me to a nearby clinic… image image happy hour with my other sissy…image watching Game of Thrones with the best Seattle view…image traveling to Missoula, MT for work, where I rode the Cougar plane image and got to see my college, buddy, Bryce….image imagelots of yoga and Mr. F made a few more amazing meals, including this black cod with pea purée, cherry tomatoes, cotija and cabbage slaw, image imagelong walks on the beach, and over 8 mile walk on Easter…image  goose eggs from my Mom on Easter…image another trip to Fargo, but this time with warm weather….image a less than 12 hour work trip to Victoria via seaplane…  image just enough time for a full day of work and poutineimage before flying out again! image imageimage image I love Seattle in the spring!

Tomorrow, I fly to Idaho Falls, ID for work then Penticton, BC and Boise, ID the following week. I’m also looking forward to returning to Spokane, WA and Missoula later in May!

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!