My Matron of Honor Speech for my Best Friend since middle school

Thank you, everyone, friends and family, for attending this lovely wedding. I know many people came from across the country to join us, so I’ll make this short and sweet.    1653813_662821558602_1642730031_n1926699_10100810444844090_285790415_n

My name is Emily and the bride and I grew up together. She taught me how to use the Internet and set up my very first email. I vividly remember getting off the ski bus, one night in middle school, and she wrote on my lift ticket, “Find me on AOL”. “I’m i 3 oat girl.”

I had to ask her several times to explain to me that i 3 oat girl spells, Boatgirl!

The bride goes by many names: Andrea, Ahn-drea, Stove-top, and Andy Mac to just name a few. For years, I was Em Tree to her Andy Mac, after a weekend with her parents on San Juan Island.

Andrea and I thought we were so stealthy saying we wanted to walk around town, without the parents, to look at the “trees”. Yes, the bride and I were boy-crazy teenagers. It’s a good thing our mothers had the foresight to be strict and involve us in many extracurricular activities like sailing, manual labor, and baby-sitting.

Andy Mac has been my confidant and best friend, however, I’m happy to share her with you, Mike (the groom). She is a determined, dedicated and independent, individual, who’s known she’s wanted to be a pilot since I first met her.

As I’ve gotten to know Mike more, I’m amazed how perfect he is for her. I’m so happy you two found each other.

Andrea has finally found her wise, old “tree”.

You two are going to be wonderful parents and I’m excited to be a part of your next chapter.

Here’s to the bride and groom! 1009948_10151876436001020_29322705_n


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