Snow and Sun in the last week!

imageA week ago, I was in -10 to -30 degree weather in Fargo, ND.  image image My fun, co-worker, Caroline was there and made it a great time. All my layers helped too! The last day I was in Fargo, ND was sunny and gorgeous. image The windchill was brutal image but fortunately, I was prepared and stayed inside working except to venture one block to dinner. Caroline and I almost fell in a snowbank on the way there!image When I returned to Seattle, I came back to sunny temperatures nearly 40 degrees warmer than the Midwest! Mr. F enjoyed a lovely picturesque walk along the top of Queen Anne on Saturday. image image There were pussy willows, cherry buds and blooming pink camellias  on our walk to Kerry Park.  imageimage Saturday night, we went to the Book Bindery for dinner with my grandparents and best friend since middle school. image I love the heart of palms salad, and the steak tartare was amazing too! Yesterday, I met my cousins downtown for a ferry ride! 1656242_10100782340979460_1744661844_nMy cousins, Charlie and Kiki were visiting for the weekend and my other cousin, Jessie has been here for the last month for a DO rotation!  image image  75910_10100782474082720_726949734_nIt was a super pretty day and perfect for a ride to Bainbridge island and back!

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