A taste of white Christmas in Fargo, ND and in Seattle!

I haven’t made time to blog recently, since work has taken me to Fargo, ND, Spokane and Tacoma, WA in the last two weeks! Earlier this month in Fargo, it was below zero and closer to -10 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind chill!image Fortunately, I dressed appropriately with many wool layers from Ibex, Patagonia and Smart Wool. It was pretty to see the snow from indoors. image The sunsets are amazing in Fargo. image Since Fargo, I’ve been writing lots of reports, but we did make time for….. image the Hobbit. It was awesome! We saw it in 3D too.

Almost all the Christmas presents are wrapped and I’ve updated my Christmas List on Pinterest. Check it out! 8e6e367d6668c43e8a391a6e03e0380a ca9468d7070c7e4589aa1922c4dfff68

Yesterday, Seattle woke up to a couple of inches of snow! This is pretty unusual and a nice treat. image Our backyard looked like a winter wonderland. imageLuckily it all melted before my sisters, mom and my grandmother, Tootie went to the Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet last night! It was a wonderful Christmas tradition to renew.image It’s been awhile since we’ve all been together too. image My sister, Katie and I, posed with all the Nutcracker statues after the ballet too. imageMy favorite was the Rat King. image Some of our other favorite family traditions include a White Elephant Christmas Exchange at my grandmother’s house, opening presents Christmas morning at my parents house and dinner at the Marriott with most of my extended maternal family! What are your favorite family traditions?

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