Guess what?!imageRoux Restaurant has opened in Fremont!! You must try their amazing French Creole comfort food. I think it’s perfect for the colder temperatures in Seattle right now. imageIt’s the brick and mortar restaurant of the food truck called, Where Ya at Matt?! With their beignets and po’boys, it might be my most favorite food truck! Now that it’s 6 blocks from my house, I’m even more excited!!

Mr. F and I have been to Roux twice since it opened at the end of November! We had phenomenal salads, imagelike the apple salad imagewith maple butter, delicious turtle bolognese, cheddar jalapeno hush puppies, and brussels sprouts the first week the restaurant was open!image We loved it so much that we came back the following week for gator wings, image barbeque yard bird,  image and pumpkin agnolotti. imageIt’s our new favorite neighborhood restaurant. It’s fun, it’s romantic, there’s always great music playing and Matt, greets all of his guests!

There are several things on the menu that we haven’t tried yet that we’re very excited about, like the Mac n’ Cheese and Braised Rabbit. We also can’t wait to go back to try their desserts! Who wants to go with us soon?!

By the way, if you were wondering, roux means ‘browned butter’ in French, or the mixture of flour and fat used to thicken a soup or a sauce.

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