To do list before Christmas

Tree up: check photo (2)

Ornaments on the tree: check

Holiday cards sent: check (However, I do need to buy Canadian postage for 3 remaining cards.)

Presents made on Shutterfly: check

Ordering presents from Shutterfly: on hold for Cyber Monday deals

Wrapping presents: halfway there… (1)


Try to resist buying unnecessary “deals” during Cyber Monday…….

This month will be busy with work trips. I fly to Spokane, WA this week, which is a quick flight and I also have a Seattle clinic to visit. Yay for local sites! However, next week I go back to Fargo, ND where the temperatures at night are below zero!!! I hope my Chicago coats will be enough keep me warm! It will be nice to see more snow in the Midwest than here in Seattle. I will also visit a clinic in Tacoma, which should be fun. I’ll return to Spokane one more time before December 20th too!

Sometime this month, I’ll find time to blog more and wrap the remaining presents. I’m happy that I’ve planned ahead with all the Christmas gifts and I’ve already sent out my holiday cards.

I plan to practice yoga daily while at home and while traveling and/or go for a swim. (The large hotel pool is one of my favorite things about Fargo!)

I also plan to not go overboard with presents this year and try to only give meaningful and useful gifts.

Here’s to a healthy and happy end of 2013!

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!