M&K’s wedding ceremony in Austin

Here are some of my favorite photos from my sister-in-law’s wedding ceremony, November 2nd, at Hacienda del Lago, outside of Austin, Texas: IMG_2016Momo and M before the ceremony, IMG_2049Mr. F and his sister, the bride,  IMG_2080 and my in-laws.IMG_2084 It was a gorgeous day with temperatures in the high 70s and lots of sunshine. The trees were amazing and it was surprisngly green for Texas. IMG_2135Mr F and I were both in the large American/Danish bridal party. IMG_2139Those boys looked pretty sharp. The groom’s younger sister was such a good sport when M suggested “thriller” as a pose! IMG_2140 IMG_2156 Mr. F and I love taking pictures, (or at least, I do!), IMG_2157 can you tell?IMG_2201 IMG_2213 The bride’s bouquet was spectacular. image imageThe ceremony was in English and in Danish. IMG_2244 Mr. F’s cool cousins are some of my favorite people! IMG_2252 The American/Czech/Danish family unintentionally coordinated well and we even matched the origami cranes behind us!

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