a Ferry ride and Birthday party in Poulsbo

IMG_2495This weekend, my parents, Mr. F and I took a ferry to Bainbridge Island for our family friend’s birthday in Poulsbo. IMG_2496image imageWe had fun taking photos on the ferry, IMG_2497 even if it was chilly and quite windy.  IMG_2499 I always love the city skyline on a clear day, especially when the mountains are gloriously out. IMG_2516 The Olympics were quite prominent as we docked on Bainbridge Island. IMG_2517 IMG_2519IMG_2520 We then drove across the island and the Agate Passage to Poulsbo. IMG_2535IMG_2536 Our family friends have owned Thats-a-Some-Italian for nearly as long as I’ve been alive IMG_2537and I remember visiting this restaurant a lot growing up. It felt like coming home. We celebrated Marti’s birthday with several different pizzas, image charcuterie, cupcakes and ice cream!IMG_2556IMG_2584 Marti’s grand-daughter, Angie, stole the show with her pink outfit and energy. image  image IMG_2623Angie’s favorite game was showing everyone the hole in the wine barrel, even Mr. F played along. IMG_2625image It was wonderful to see family friends. Also, I have a thing for ferry boats. IMG_2490 (Yes, that is a Dr. McDreamy quote from Grey’s Anatomy!)

“Teardrop windows crying in the sky’ IMG_2492 ‘Built in boast, as the tallest on the coast
He was once the city’s only toast
In old post cards, was positioned as the star, he was looked up to with fond regard
But in 1962 the Needle made it’s big debut” 
Ben Gibbard

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