The wedding rehearsal and rehearsal party

IMG_1742 On Friday, we drove out to Hacienda del Lago for the rehearsal and IMG_1758 to drop off some hand-made decorations and centerpieces.  IMG_1749 There was a cute dog who accompanied us around the property. IMG_1769 As Mr. F and I wandered around, we also saw beautiful flowers, vines, chickens, IMG_1780 and three white peacocks! IMG_1789 IMG_1790 There was also a peek-a-bo view of Lake Travis through the trees. IMG_1792 After the rehearsal, the Fs had a lunch party at our rented house. Most of the people invited to the wedding were already in town,  IMG_1800 so we had a party of 50 people in the backyard from Taco DeliIMG_1801 Mr. F’s mom made wonderful pendants with the Danish and American flags in a heart. Mr. F and I helped wrap them in cute cactus packaging. IMG_1795 The groom appeared after napping after the rehearsal. IMG_1809Mr. F’s cousins also came to the rehearsal party. IMG_1822 Colleen and Brian are some of my favorite people! IMG_1823 It was also a great party to meet more of the groom’s family, especially his sisters who are twins! IMG_1828

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