BBQ and the Bachelorette Party in Austin

Last Thursday, Mr. F and I got awesome BBQ in Austin. image We stood in line at Franklin’s but they sold out image while we were still in line. We went down the road to Blue Ox image and we were not disappointed! IMG_1677 Mmm, beef tenderloin, Texas toast, and coleslaw. IMG_1697 My sister-in-law’s bachelorette party was on Halloween so her high school friends had the great idea for the theme “something blue, something borrowed, something old and something new”! IMG_1698 One of the girls even dressed up like sugar (something borrowed) and another dressed as a statue (something old)!image After dressing up, we all went for mani/pedis IMG_1724 and a little pampering!IMG_1725 IMG_1728The bride was dressed with a hilarious article of clothing from each of her guests. I brought her an awesome tiger shirt (because her nickname was Tiger as a kid) and a snake necklace, another girl brought her traditional Kazakhstan hair bows, and her high school friend brought her snow leopard leggings! IMG_1703The bride also had American flag temporary tattoo eyeshadow and lips. imageShe was definitely the cat’s meow! IMG_1730 The bachelorette party continued with dinner and dancing. Fortunately, Mr. F got to join us after dinner and we meet the bachelor part on Sixth Street at a bar called, Shakespeare’s! Someone at the bar even took a professional photo of us! _mg_0009_jpg Several of us, including the groom’s sisters all had fun false eyelashes and they look awesome in this picture! Mr. F and I were a little wiped out after all the dancing so we walked home through all the Sixth St Halloween chaos and stopped by the Gourdough’s food truck for doughnuts on the way! It was intense!

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