A week in pictures

image image Last Tuesday, we took our cousins to see the the Fremont Troll!image We also took them to the Book Bindery, and it was awesome. image Last Wednesday, I met my best friend since middle school at the Sea-Tac airport and it was wonderful to catch up. image I flew to St. Louis and she flew to Minneapolis. image Later that night, I had delicious ribs with my in-laws before driving to Jefferson City, MO for work. image Before flying back to Seattle, I saw my cousin, Jessie, who’s in DO school. image image On Sunday night, Mr. F made a stunningly delicious porcetta for dinner with my grandparents! image Last night, we went to RN 74 downtown and enjoyed Seattle’s restaurant week. image Today, my Uncle and I went to Westward (on Lake Union) for lunch. image We had several small platters, like the tasty gravlax, and the sun came out! image image

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