My week in Seattle, Fargo, North Dakota, Bow and Stanwood, WA!

In the last 5 weeks, I’ve been in Seattle, Victoria, B.C., Chicago, Michigan, Irvine, CA and most recently, Fargo, ND. IMGP1031Last weekend, we took advantage of the last rays of summer at swam at our wedding beach.   IMGP1032 The Puget Sound is in the 50s but it was refreshing and invigorating. I love reading on the beach to warm up and watching the boats go by, too. IMGP1050 IMGP1055imageBefore going to the airport on Tuesday morning, I met my sisters for breakfast for Katie’s actual birthday! Later that night, I was nearly 1500 miles East in Fargo, enjoying a lovely sunset and walk!image It turns out my hotel was right next to the zoo! IMG_1058_2image I’m so happy that I found a great restaurant in Fargo. IMG_1060_2 This weekend we celebrated Katie’s birthday at Gothberg Farms image with several delicious kinds of goat cheese, salmonIMG_1067_2 and ribs!!IMG_1069_2 IMG_1072_2 We had an amazing time with Katie’s boyfriend’s family on their farm. IMG_1078_2 I love how cute the goats are, IMG_1079and Janie even tried to kiss one!  IMG_1083 IMG_1085_2 IMG_1090_2 IMG_1091_2 Thank you, Rhonda, Travis and Roy for hosting! IMG_1098  IMG_1100 Happy 24th birthday, Katie! IMG_1104 IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1120It’s so nice to be home with my family!

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