Blogging and Social Media makes me feel ADD

Day 8 Blogtember topic: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

Beware, this is a stream of consciousness post as I listen to Nirvana on my flight home, after working all day and finishing my report on the plane. I may sound a little intense after about 14 hours of work/travel. (P.S. Is it ironic that the song playing currently is, “On A Plain”?)

In some ways, blogging and social media has made me have an even shorter attention span (is this negative?), and in other ways, it has made me over-communicate (again is this negative, or positive?). Are these bad things for a Millennial? I think it’s normal, but these traits can be viewed negatively especially by older generations. I love communicating but here’s a classic example. My mom worries the whole world knows where I am because I love Foursquare and use it so much. She asked me if I was a target in a unknown city. I appreciate her concern and will try to be more aware. I also told her that I know how to run if necessary.

I love Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, blogging and too many of my iPhone apps. Thanks to Mr. F and yoga, I will try to be more conscious of being in the moment, being present, but sometimes I just like to post about what I’m thinking about… the moment.

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!