Happy Birthday, to my sister, Katie!

[It’s Blogtember! Today’s topic is Tuesday, September 10: Describe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.936410_627946513472_261817596_nIt’s also my sister, Katie’s, birthday today! I remember when she was born. I was 6, it was hot out and my mom was canning peaches when she went into labor. I didn’t understand what was happening but my Aunt Chita took my sister, Janie and me for the weekend, and then we got to visit my parents in the hospital, to meet our new little sister. 294016_2401215235554_186154781_n This is one of my first memories as a child. I have many more distinct memories of my sisters and I growing up, especially that I was sad that wasn’t able to attend my sister Janie’s high school graduation (I was studying abroad in italy) and Katie’s graduation from college and nursing school (we had just moved to Chicago). I’m looking forward to capturing more memories especially with photos.

I love my sisters. 25092_525134025522_3550626_nWe have so much fun together! IMG_2184Next month, we’re all going to Wisconsin for our cousin’s wedding! I can’t wait! 577181_10100586354368200_1734787205_n IMG_10251167227_10100619887178180_1788363101_oIsn’t my sister, Janie, so pretty?! IMG_5258Happy birthday, Katie! (While we all look very similar, she’s the cool cat in the middle with the sunglasses!)

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