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I am a Seattleite

[Apparently, I forgot to publish this Day 1!!]

Tuesday, Sept. 3: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

I am a Seattleite. I was born on a houseboat on Lake Union. My parents met in the University of Washington Medical Center cafeteria and they got married on the Victoria Clipper. My grandmother, Tootie, went to Seattle University. My entire maternal family lives in Seattle and I really missed them when we lived in Chicago.

Mr. F and I missed this city so much that we’ve been making the best of all Seattle opportunities this year. imageWe’ve made sure to go to restaurants that we’ve always want to go too, like Sitka & Spruce.  image And we went with one of best friends, Mohit, when he moved back to Seattle in August! imageWe’re so excited that he lives here again too.image Sitka & Spruce was everything we imagined image and more! image imageAll the local ingredients were amazing, especially the fiddleheads,  locally foraged mushrooms and freshly caught fish! image

We’ve also made a point to see my family more often! We celebrated Tootie’s 88th birthday at Tilth over Labor Day weekend!IMG_0987Tootie had a blast and even took home one of the restaurant’s salt spoons after telling the waiter that she loved it so much, they gave it to her!IMG_1090_2 IMG_1088_2 My sister, Janie, loves chocolate!IMG_1062_2 My grandparents are the cutest and we get to see them weekly now that we’re back in Seattle! IMG_1026_2       imageOne of our new favorite restaurants is the Skillet diner in Ballard! I love their breakfast options and Mr F likes their burger and salads! We’ve also been frequenting Dot’s Deli and RockCreek near our yoga studio!!