More Michigan

IMG_0849Our Michigan vacation may have been nearly two weeks ago but I’m still thinking of the beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan. Our days were filled with sun,  IMG_0854 water, and lots of exercise. After tennis for an hour every week day, IMGP0844Mr. F and I would go for IMGP0794 a swim in Lake Michigan and enjoy the cool refreshing water. IMGP0801 We also practiced handstands and a little yoga on the beach! IMGP0824 During the week, we also got ice cream in the town of Frankfort, IMG_0914 and went for a hike at the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. IMGP0873 It’s always one of our favorite adventures in Michigan. IMGP0893 IMGP0900 IMGP0901 IMGP0903 Point Betsie is a great walking trip too. IMGP0926 IMG_0942 This year, we walked from the Frankfort Lighthouse, IMG_0944 IMG_0947 to the Machek cabin and it was even more enjoyable than walking to Point Betsie, because there were hardly any people on the beach! IMG_0998 IMG_1001We had a great vacation but on the car ride to Chicago, Mr. Horatio reminded us that it was also nice to go home and see our fuzzy princesses.

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