Daily Archives: August 24, 2013

Since Michigan last week….

This time last week, Mr. F and I drove with his parents, cat, and dog from Frankfort, MI to Chicago (about four hours), spent a fun afternoon and evening with some of our favorite people and restaurants in Chicago, then flew home to Seattle. IMG_0983 The drive to Chicago was uneventful but it was fun to play with Horatio, the cat, who alternately wandered the car, IMG_0985 IMG_0993 or sat under the dog, Lee Lee.  IMG_0998 IMG_1001 Horatio is really more of a dog than a cat, but nonetheless, he made us miss our kitties.IMG_1002IMG_1001 We met Rusty’s cousin, Brian at our favorite Chicago burger place, Five Star Bar, for lunch. We missed the corn fed beef burgers with a fried egg, hot sauce and a pretzel bun!image We also saw my cousin, imageKaty and her husband, Rob, for drinks and dinner. image imageWe went to our favorite Italian restaurant, Piccolo Sogno Due!   imageOn our way to O’Hare, we drove by our old apartment and realized we had the Home Alone terminal  image when we got to the airport! We got home after midnight but slept in on Sunday. I’ll have to post more about our awesome Sunday dinner with Mohit later!

On Monday morning, I flew to Houston for work and got to see a few friends while I was in town. I saw a coworker buddy for happy hour!  image Ashley also helped distract me from my nervousness on my first monitoring performance visit!IMG_1006On Tuesday night, I met my pen pal buddy of almost 20 years (we met through the American Girl Magazine) for authentic Texas food. We had Shiner Ruby Redbird beer (it tastes like ginger and grapefruit!) and catfish po’boys. imageI may have also had a bite of a Frito pie. (This is exactly what you think it is, fritos in a pie shape, with beans and cheese.) I also met Amy’s fiancé! IMG_1007We came up with a few fun wedding ideas that I’ll expand on, in a Pinterest board for her.  IMG_1008 Here’s what I started so far, Pie Wedding Love for AmyIMG_1009I flew home to Seattle on Wednesday night and I was overjoyed to see the mountains. Phew! It’s been a busy last two weeks. I’ll share more photos soon!