Gothberg Farm and goats

IMG_0902 Last weekend, we went to Gothberg Farms on our way home from Lummi Island. IMG_0905 IMG_0907 We met my sister’s boyfriend’s Mom, RhondaIMG_0910 and she showed us around the farm! IMG_0911 We also met all the goats. IMG_0913 They were very cute and super friendly! IMG_0920 We like the kids the most because they were so affectionate. IMG_0930 The pup was adorable too. IMG_0935 IMG_0938 We bought goat ricotta and Greek Yogurt. For dinner that night Mr. F made a chilled cantaloupe soup with the goat’s milk Greek yogurt IMG_0939 with a little orange and jalapeños!IMG_0940 It’s the perfect summer soup and very delicious. IMG_0942 IMG_0943 We also opened a celubratory bottle of roséImage for our anniversary!

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