Daily Archives: August 11, 2013

My recent travels and fun food!

Wow, August is even busier than I anticipated! Mr F and I have been going to yoga with every chance we get plus eating fabulous home cooked meals almost every night,  imageimage like pokè tuna and steamed beans, and steak salad with chimchurri, onions, and cherry tomatoes. I’m loving this clean living lifestyle that we been adapting with our yoga practice!

I even made enough time to have lunch with my grandparents and uncle at the Whale Wins last week. We had several amazing small plates including a half chicken and angel food cake, (which is not healthy but sure tasty!)imageimage
On Friday, I returned from my third trip to Victoria, B.C. in the last month. imageMy hotel room view, in Victoria, wasn’t as spectacular as my previous trip, but I had a balcony!imageimageI took a coworker’s suggestion and I went to a nice breakfast place, called Shine before work in Victoria, and had a Garden City Benedict! The flight home was gorgeous, yet again!imageimageimage We flew over my parent’s house, again, too! imageimage Mr. F made me a delicious BBQ chicken dinner with Galia melon slices, and a cucumber, cherry tomato and a avocado salad!

Yesterday, Mr F and I flew to Chicago!image imageWe met Mr F’s parents and drove a few more hours to Frankfort, Michigan. imageWe’ll enjoy a week of swimming in Lake Michigan, imageimageplaying tennis, imageshopping for local produce, imagereading and imageeating pie!!image

When we return from vacation, I fly to Houston for a work performance visit for three days then return to Victoria for the rest of the week!!

Gothberg Farm and goats

IMG_0902 Last weekend, we went to Gothberg Farms on our way home from Lummi Island. IMG_0905 IMG_0907 We met my sister’s boyfriend’s Mom, RhondaIMG_0910 and she showed us around the farm! IMG_0911 We also met all the goats. IMG_0913 They were very cute and super friendly! IMG_0920 We like the kids the most because they were so affectionate. IMG_0930 The pup was adorable too. IMG_0935 IMG_0938 We bought goat ricotta and Greek Yogurt. For dinner that night Mr. F made a chilled cantaloupe soup with the goat’s milk Greek yogurt IMG_0939 with a little orange and jalapeños!IMG_0940 It’s the perfect summer soup and very delicious. IMG_0942 IMG_0943 We also opened a celubratory bottle of roséImage for our anniversary!