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A day on Lummi Island

We woke up after our wedding anniversary to an overcast sky IMG_0614but that didn’t stop us from kayaking before breakfast in the Salish Sea and Lummi Bay. IMG_0662We kayaked past a rocky island covered in seals!   IMG_0676 There was an older and weathered-looking seal IMG_0660above the tide line that looked it just wanted to be left alone. IMG_0692It was so cute to see the seals popping upIMG_0656  all around to watch us. IMG_0632They were very curious but didn’t want to get to close. They even followed us as we paddled away from the rock!  IMG_0694We had breakfast at the Beach Store Cafe which was on the East side of the Island a couple of miles from the Willows Inn. IMG_0722We were starving after our early morning kayaking and ate a hearty breakfast of blueberry pancakes, scrambled eggs, IMG_0709 over medium eggs, sausage, toast and potatoes!IMG_0710We had our breakfast on the deck and it overlooked the ferry landing!  IMG_0707 After breakfast, we walked to the Saturday Farmer’s Market, stopping for blackberries and pictures along the way.IMG_0712 IMG_0717 As Willows Inn guests, we had the option to tour Loganita Farm, where most of our dinner was grown!  IMG_0727 “Located just up the road from the Willows Inn on Lummi Island, Loganita’s culinary gardens are impeccably maintained and grow vegetables, berries, edible flowers and herbs for Chef Blaine Wetzel and his kitchen staff. Loganita relies on bio-intensive farming practices that foster healthy soils, conserve space, and require low energy input while maximizing yields. Maintaining the overall health of the Loganita farming ecosystem is gentle on the environment and is the secret to growing top quality produce.” IMG_0730 I may have dragged Mr. F but I think he secretly enjoyed the farm tour. We saw many raised vegetable and flower beds, including the kale that we had for dinner!  IMG_0734 The sunflowers and cosmos were so pretty too!IMG_0741 IMG_0751 IMG_0777 We wandered through rows of towering beanstalks and also tomatoes of all sizes in the greenhouses!IMG_0781 IMG_0786 IMG_0798 The view from Loganita Farm was gorgeous and you could see where we stayed, across the street! IMG_0804 Can you see the seal rock between the buildings and near our beach? IMG_0809 IMG_0826After checking out, we explored the island more. On the Southwest end of the island, IMG_0839 we saw boats reefnetting wild salmonIMG_0873 IMG_0876 IMG_0878 We got an early afternoon ferry IMG_0893back to Bellingham, IMG_0886IMG_0891 to go visit my sister’s boyfriend’s family goat farm!IMG_0889