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Our Anniversary on Lummi Island!

We took the day off from work on our wedding anniversary. Before I woke up, Mr. F went out and surprised me with pastries from one of my favorite bakeries! 969401_634280744622_1659926689_n 48092_634280764582_1518036255_n We went to a 10 am yoga class then got burgers at Lil’ Woody’s, our favorite burger place.  1098009_634304022972_1136733188_n I also wore my new “Wifey” sweatshirt for the first time! IMG_0310 After lunch, we drove up to Bellingham to the Lummi Island FerryIMG_0312 IMG_0327IMG_0326 We walked around the terminal and took lots of pictures while waiting in the ferry line. IMG_0331 IMG_0332 IMG_0344 We liked the Lummi Reservation metal totem pole! IMG_0345The Whatcom Chief is a cute 20 vehicle ferry! IMG_0358 The actual ferry ride was under 10 minutes with a little more time to load and unload. IMG_0359  IMG_0376 IMG_0390We arrived on Lummi Island after 4pm so we decided to take a beach walk after checking into the Willows Inn. IMG_0395 IMG_0398 We had the Low Tide room, which is on a private beach with a hammock and several kayaks stored under the deck! IMG_0401 IMG_0404 IMG_0405 We had tons of fun walking down the beach and I even waded in, with my boots on!IMG_0413 IMG_0418 IMG_0419 IMG_0421 We found a rock that looked like a throne! IMG_0423 IMG_0427 IMG_0430 There were neat paths in between the large rocks, including a metal ladder and wooden footbridge!IMG_0436 IMG_0445 We also found a jungle path up the hill that lead us back to the road!IMG_0450 IMG_0463 Our room was in a separate building less than a mile from the main Willows Inn location. IMG_0464 It had two flights of stairs down the hill with climbing roses and an amazing deck. IMG_0467We enjoyed how our room was almost level with the beach!IMG_0503 IMG_0468375669_634334382132_2201473_nThe oars above the bed were pretty cool too. We were pretty steamy from our beach walk, so we jumped in the Puget Sound. (The water was probably only a little warmer than 50 degrees!) IMG_0483IMG_0489IMG_0500  The hammock was a fun way to enjoy the sun and dry off too! IMG_0473 After our swim, we got ready for our very exciting Anniversary dinner at Willows Inn with Chef Blaine Wetzel! I can’t wait to post about our phenomenal dinner soon! IMG_0493

An afternoon in Victoria, B.C. for work

IMG_0016On Thursday, I flew up to Victoria, B.C. for the day for work. However, due to severe fog delays, I was only in Victoria from 12:30-6pm! IMG_0020The fog and the Seafair preparations prevented us from taking off on Lake Union so the passengers were shuttled to Lake Washington, before takeoff.IMG_0051 Fortunately, the flight was phenomenal. I loved watching the fog rolling over the islands. IMG_0096 IMG_0100 IMG_0108 We flew a different route this time and I saw logs floating down the river, tiny little islands IMG_0135and we went over San Juan Island. IMG_0172 IMG_0178 We landed in Victoria’s Inner Harbor a little after noon so I was on-site for about four hours IMG_0222 before coming back to the Harbor Air airport IMG_0232 to fly back to Seattle.  IMG_0265We flew a slightly different route home and flew over North Seattle instead of downtown. IMG_0277 It was awesome to fly over I-5, IMG_0281 and see my parents house in Eastlake.IMG_0286 IMG_0299I’ve said it before, this commute will never get old! I love seaplanes and I have at least one more work trip to Victoria planned next week!