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Seattle family, food, and fun in the last week of August

Since I returned from Houston last week, Mr. F has been cooking amazing meals nearly every night! Some highlights include, sweet pepper baked eggs, image and BBQ chicken with a pickled eggplant and cucumber salad!image We also have gone to yoga 7 times in the last 9 days! imageWe may have also indulged in  image fried green tomatoes and carrot ginger soup at Dot’s Delicatessen next to yoga.

Last weekend, Mr. F also made a delicious salmon image with a brown sugar soy glaze!  imageLast Sunday, we ran errands including picking up our freshly washed down pillows at Feathered Friends. We wanted to buy most of the items in the store, but we fortunately restrained ourselves!  imageSunday night, Mr. F and I went to our first Sounders soccer game with my sister and her boyfriend.imageIMG_1025IMG_1026imageWe scored Trophy Cupcakes as soon as we arrived! image They were awesome image and the Seattle Sounders beat Portland too! image On Monday, Mr. F made pork tenderloin and  grilled peppers with avocados, feta and a cherry tomato!  imageIMG_1037On Tuesday, my grandparents, Uncle and I went to lunch at the new Skillet Dinner in Ballard.  image It’s a gorgeous space imagewith a lot of the same entrees from the food truck, plus more! image  I got the Fried Chicken Sammy and it was divine. imageimageOn Wednesday night, Mr. F made a grilled chicken with a mustard rub along with a fresh summer salad of zucchini, cherry tomatoes and summer squash from our produce box. IMG_1047 Thursday night, we had a going away party for my cousin, who’s starting her sophomore year in college at Macalaster! It was at a lovely Italian restaurant in Ballard, called Ristorante Picolino’s. IMG_1069 IMG_1076 IMG_1080 I love dinners with my grandmother, Tootie, especially when it involves delicious ravioli! IMG_1081  IMG_1088We had the patio to ourselves too! Yesterday, we both got out of work early, so we went to our wedding beach for beach reading and swimming!IMGP0938 IMGP0941

More Michigan

IMG_0849Our Michigan vacation may have been nearly two weeks ago but I’m still thinking of the beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan. Our days were filled with sun,  IMG_0854 water, and lots of exercise. After tennis for an hour every week day, IMGP0844Mr. F and I would go for IMGP0794 a swim in Lake Michigan and enjoy the cool refreshing water. IMGP0801 We also practiced handstands and a little yoga on the beach! IMGP0824 During the week, we also got ice cream in the town of Frankfort, IMG_0914 and went for a hike at the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. IMGP0873 It’s always one of our favorite adventures in Michigan. IMGP0893 IMGP0900 IMGP0901 IMGP0903 Point Betsie is a great walking trip too. IMGP0926 IMG_0942 This year, we walked from the Frankfort Lighthouse, IMG_0944 IMG_0947 to the Machek cabin and it was even more enjoyable than walking to Point Betsie, because there were hardly any people on the beach! IMG_0998 IMG_1001We had a great vacation but on the car ride to Chicago, Mr. Horatio reminded us that it was also nice to go home and see our fuzzy princesses.

My last trip to Victoria

IMG_0793 It seems bittersweet but I will no longer travel to Victoria for work. I flew out on a foggy morning two weeks ago, and thank goodness, there were no delays. IMG_0802I really enjoy spotting my parents house from the seaplane! IMG_0806 I arrived in Victoria and immediately went to the clinic that I was monitoring at, so I didn’t get to appreciate my hotel room view much. I had a balcony this time with a slight view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but mostly of the Empress. IMG_0861IMG_0863A coworker and I went to a local seafood restaurant where I had Canadian oysters. I think I prefer the Washington coast oysters. IMG_0866After dinner, I went for a walk along Douglas St and Dallas Road, which goes along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It was a gorgeous path especially at sunset. The Olympic Mountains were so majestic and the water was wonderful to watch too.IMG_0870 I took an hour long walk and wished I had more time to explore the beaches! IMG_0877 IMG_0872IMG_0893I did explore more of the totem poles outside IMG_0914 IMG_0916my hotel and in the Victoria Conference Center across the street. IMG_0931 IMG_0932 It was beautiful to view the Legislative buildings of Victoria from my balcony at night too! IMG_0934 After less than 48 hours in Victoria, I flew back to Seattle. IMG_0937 I love that amazing and only 35 minute flight. IMG_0982 IMG_1015

Since Michigan last week….

This time last week, Mr. F and I drove with his parents, cat, and dog from Frankfort, MI to Chicago (about four hours), spent a fun afternoon and evening with some of our favorite people and restaurants in Chicago, then flew home to Seattle. IMG_0983 The drive to Chicago was uneventful but it was fun to play with Horatio, the cat, who alternately wandered the car, IMG_0985 IMG_0993 or sat under the dog, Lee Lee.  IMG_0998 IMG_1001 Horatio is really more of a dog than a cat, but nonetheless, he made us miss our kitties.IMG_1002IMG_1001 We met Rusty’s cousin, Brian at our favorite Chicago burger place, Five Star Bar, for lunch. We missed the corn fed beef burgers with a fried egg, hot sauce and a pretzel bun!image We also saw my cousin, imageKaty and her husband, Rob, for drinks and dinner. image imageWe went to our favorite Italian restaurant, Piccolo Sogno Due!   imageOn our way to O’Hare, we drove by our old apartment and realized we had the Home Alone terminal  image when we got to the airport! We got home after midnight but slept in on Sunday. I’ll have to post more about our awesome Sunday dinner with Mohit later!

On Monday morning, I flew to Houston for work and got to see a few friends while I was in town. I saw a coworker buddy for happy hour!  image Ashley also helped distract me from my nervousness on my first monitoring performance visit!IMG_1006On Tuesday night, I met my pen pal buddy of almost 20 years (we met through the American Girl Magazine) for authentic Texas food. We had Shiner Ruby Redbird beer (it tastes like ginger and grapefruit!) and catfish po’boys. imageI may have also had a bite of a Frito pie. (This is exactly what you think it is, fritos in a pie shape, with beans and cheese.) I also met Amy’s fiancé! IMG_1007We came up with a few fun wedding ideas that I’ll expand on, in a Pinterest board for her.  IMG_1008 Here’s what I started so far, Pie Wedding Love for AmyIMG_1009I flew home to Seattle on Wednesday night and I was overjoyed to see the mountains. Phew! It’s been a busy last two weeks. I’ll share more photos soon!

Michigan photos from my phone!

imageMr F and I are having tons of fun swimming, playing tennis, eating home cooked meals and enjoying lots of beach walks. The other day, we went to tennis lessons and the Sleeping Bear sand dunes all before lunch!

imageWe had lunch in Glen Arbor and walked around their cute Main St too.

imageWe’ve also remembered to put on sunscreen on while we’ve read on the deck and watched the waves on Lake Michigan.


I finished reading, the Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling and absolutely loved it. It is a hilariousimage and dark book about small town politics in Pagford, London. It reminds me of Dowton Abbey, Breaking Bad and Roald Dahl’s books for adults. Tina Fey, on the other hand, is making me laugh out loud repeatedly and inspiring me to be an empowered feminist and businesswoman.

imageWe’ve enjoyed watching the sun set over Lake Michigan every night and the cooler weather. It’s been in the upper 60s and low 70s during the day with evenings and mornings in the upper 50s!



Yesterday, image we woke up early for fresh doughnuts at the Crescent Bakery in Frankfort. We got fresh cherry pie, bacon maple doughnuts, blueberry muffins and a few other assorted glazed and chocolate options!

image We have one more night left in Michigan before we drive through Chicago and fly back to Seattle. I’m excited to get beer battered perch at the Manitou, tonight! We’re also going to the Frankfort art show!

My recent travels and fun food!

Wow, August is even busier than I anticipated! Mr F and I have been going to yoga with every chance we get plus eating fabulous home cooked meals almost every night,  imageimage like pokè tuna and steamed beans, and steak salad with chimchurri, onions, and cherry tomatoes. I’m loving this clean living lifestyle that we been adapting with our yoga practice!

I even made enough time to have lunch with my grandparents and uncle at the Whale Wins last week. We had several amazing small plates including a half chicken and angel food cake, (which is not healthy but sure tasty!)imageimage
On Friday, I returned from my third trip to Victoria, B.C. in the last month. imageMy hotel room view, in Victoria, wasn’t as spectacular as my previous trip, but I had a balcony!imageimageI took a coworker’s suggestion and I went to a nice breakfast place, called Shine before work in Victoria, and had a Garden City Benedict! The flight home was gorgeous, yet again!imageimageimage We flew over my parent’s house, again, too! imageimage Mr. F made me a delicious BBQ chicken dinner with Galia melon slices, and a cucumber, cherry tomato and a avocado salad!

Yesterday, Mr F and I flew to Chicago!image imageWe met Mr F’s parents and drove a few more hours to Frankfort, Michigan. imageWe’ll enjoy a week of swimming in Lake Michigan, imageimageplaying tennis, imageshopping for local produce, imagereading and imageeating pie!!image

When we return from vacation, I fly to Houston for a work performance visit for three days then return to Victoria for the rest of the week!!

Gothberg Farm and goats

IMG_0902 Last weekend, we went to Gothberg Farms on our way home from Lummi Island. IMG_0905 IMG_0907 We met my sister’s boyfriend’s Mom, RhondaIMG_0910 and she showed us around the farm! IMG_0911 We also met all the goats. IMG_0913 They were very cute and super friendly! IMG_0920 We like the kids the most because they were so affectionate. IMG_0930 The pup was adorable too. IMG_0935 IMG_0938 We bought goat ricotta and Greek Yogurt. For dinner that night Mr. F made a chilled cantaloupe soup with the goat’s milk Greek yogurt IMG_0939 with a little orange and jalapeños!IMG_0940 It’s the perfect summer soup and very delicious. IMG_0942 IMG_0943 We also opened a celubratory bottle of roséImage for our anniversary!