I love Paddleboarding!

Yesterday was just as awesome as my first seaplane rides! IMGP0564 Mr. F and I went to 9am Hatha yoga, went grocery shopping, and had an awesome beet, egg and goat cheese salad for lunch. IMG_0531 I also tried on dresses and got new shoes at REI. Image 5 Image 7 At 5pm, we went paddleboarding! We had another Groupon for Surf Ballard, which is amazing and I love that we launch from our wedding beach. There was a wedding ongoing so we were serenaded by cello music as we paddled West from the beach.IMGP0581  Puget Sound was super clear and calm. IMGP0586 We saw a couple of seals from far away. They seemed curious about us but didn’t get too close. IMGP0602 In under an hour, Mr. F and I paddled out to the Discovery Park lighthouse which is twice as far as we’d ever been before. We could see Mount Rainier from the lighthouse point but we didn’t go further because the current was stronger. We had an hour to get back before the rental was over but didn’t want to chance it. IMGP0659 IMGP0666 IMGP0672 We saw dozens of jelly fish that looked like fried eggs! I’m so glad we didn’t jump in, next to one! IMGP0686 [Phacellophora camtschatica, known as the fried egg jellyfish or egg-yolk jellyfish, is a very large jellyfish, with a bell up to 60 cm (2 ft) in diameter and sixteen clusters of up to a few dozen tentacles, each up to 6 meters (20 ft) long.]IMGP0689 IMGP0690 The Monteray Bay Aquarium reports that turtles, 50 species of fish and many marine birds eat these egg yolk jellys! IMGP0698 We made it back to the Shilshole Bay Beach Club with 10 minutes to spare IMGP0705 so we took a few fun photos before  IMGP0713 going to dinner at my favorite Ballard restaurant, Ia Isla!  Image 1 Image 2Mmm, camerones with coconut en fuego sauce and a queso empandilla are some of my favorite dishes,  Image 3Imagebut the pernil pastelon (beef and maduro banana lasanga with more queso) is the ultimate favorite. I may have eaten too much. Save me from myself!

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