The Week Before Our Wedding, Five Years Ago!

Five years ago, it was the week before our wedding! I had my bridal shower bridal shower bridal shower1and bachelorette party the weekend before our wedding! My grandmother hosted my spa themed bridal shower at her house download (1)and we went to my Matron of Honor’s house for my cowgirl themed bachelorette party later that night. Bachelorette party My youngest sister wasn’t 21 yet so we had a great time eating dinner and playing games before going out dancing at Cowgirls, At Cowgirls, Inc,we had an amazing time dancing and riding the mechanical bull! I didn’t fall off but I skinned the insides of my legs from hold on so hard. They must have been taking it easy on me, or all the horseback riding lessons were really paying off!

The Friday before the wedding, August 1st, we had a quick rehearsal at Shilshole Bay Beach Club to practice walking down the aisle!Wedding rehearsal It was quick and fun. Mr. F’s little cousin couldn’t make it, so we had my cousin, Gabe, be the ring bearer at the last minute. He’s a ham. Notice his expression in the lower right hand corner, ‘it’s cool, I’ve got it. This ring bearer stuff is easy. When does the dancing start?’wedding rehearsal1Our rehearsal dinner was next door at Anthony’s Homeport. This year, Mr. F and I just started going to a dentist down the hall from the private room where we had our rehearsal dinner! It’s hard to be the best party we’ve ever been to, was already 5 years ago! I can’t wait to share more wedding photos with you soon! I have so many favorite memories that I love to relive when I attend other people’s weddings. What is your favorite part of weddings?

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