We’re celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary on Lummi Island

We will have been married for 5 years on August 2nd! We’re going to Lummi Island to celebrate and relax. 69b0c18e7085ff915954bc9eef7335b5We’re looking forward to staying and dining at the Willows Inn. 817320e146c7153e14c5ecd1e650e906 The chef is younger than us (he’s only 27!) and world famous! He’s worked at the best restaurant in the world, NOMA in Copenhagen 4fb96ba22d2c99fbfc50f650afef695f and last year he was named Food & Wine’s Best New Chef! Check out Chef Blaine Wetzel’s awesome locally foraged dishes, f5012e953196073f1e87637ccadb7632 2acc5661c02500f07c11f295dd9488a7 including a soup of wild grass broth with blackberries and dill oil.b87fd30593ec4fe2ae23fca208c728b4 The plating looks like Pacific Northwest art! 6f750e4890b6d0eb1494961f789eb911 We’re hoping to hike around the tiny island and kayak to look for whales! I’m so happy that we live close enough to take advantage of this amazing restaurant and inn! 7811c990994e37a3216d87ffd0b1102bI

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