I’m traveling for work to Victoria, B.C.

I’m very excited that my work is progressing from exclusively at home, auditing, to in the field work! I get to go to Victoria B.C. next week and I’m traveling via seaplane!!!! c2b121e5cce3542b714af9c005b59097I’ll take off from Lake Union in Seattle and land in Victoria’s Inner Harbor!  0e0dfc094ca5ddaacafd99e58628bc38 I’m looking forward to the hour long flight. I plan on taking tons of pictures and hopefully I’ll see whales as we fly over the San Juan Islands! 55cabb9563b048ec8f81487574fe925f [All photos from the Kenmore Air Pinterest Board and my Seattle Pinterest Board!] I won’t have time for sight-seeing but I’m super excited that I can walk from the landing to my hotel and to the clinic! I will also go back to Victoria several more times this month. Yippee!

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