Summer in Seattle!

IMGP1373 Last weekend, we went paddleboarding on the Puget Sound. It was amazing how much our balance has improved with going to yoga 2-4 times a week! IMGP1376 My cousin Katy had never been paddleboarding and she had a blast too.  IMGP1371 We saw a seal and a sea lion from far away, in addition to several jelly fish! IMGP0519 Hayes joined us too! IMGP0553 The four of us had a great time paddleboarding, IMGP0554 especially with our waterproof cameras. IMGP0557IMG_0009 This week, Mr. F and I have been eating healthier with dishes like King Salmon with blackberry sauce and fresh peas, and seared scallops with chives and macona almonds! IMG_0038 I’m very lucky to have my own personal chef! IMG_0043 IMG_0068 Yesterday, we went to the Ballard Seafood Fest! IMG_0057 We walked from our house, enjoying the sun and the scenery.  IMG_0061 I was very excited to get the Cupcake Royale cupcakes with Swedish fish on top, in honor of the occasion. IMG_0078 Yesterday afternoon, we met a few friends in Belltown and enjoyed their patio IMG_0089 with lots of sunscreen and big shady hats. IMG_0086IMG_0085 We met my parents, grandparents and uncle for an impromptu dinner just down the street!IMG_0103 IMG_0116 The outdoor patio was lovely and the weather was perfect to dine al fresco! IMG_0102IMG_0109 We had duck liver pate with rhubarb, lasagna, IMG_0110 salmon, porkchops, amazing wine from Waitsburg Cellars,IMG_0097 IMG_0121 and several amazing desserts. I loved them all! IMG_0124 IMG_0126 IMG_0123 IMG_0130   I’m so happy it’s summer!

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