A kid filled last day in Seabrook!

IMGP0415 Our last day in Seabrook involved a trip to the playground with the kiddos. IMGP0423 Ben and Sam loved the slides IMGP0426 and the monkey bars! IMGP0430  I enjoyed taking pictures of them and the beautiful flowers in the neighborhood. IMGP0455 IMGP0468 The wiggle worms left a little before lunch. Apparently they didn’t get much sleep with all the fireworks going off, so their parents were looking forward to getting them in the car to nap!  IMGP0471 We enjoyed a lovely lunch with the hosts before driving back to Seattle. IMGP0475 Thank you to the Bowen-Cameron-McMillans for having us at your delightful Sunshine Daydream beach house!! We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed your company!

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