We’re heading to Walla Walla tomorrow!

9813a5aff4a9fbde7e6ce66d96a99dd8  Mr. F and I are driving across the state tomorrow to Walla Walla! I’m really looking forward to staying in a cute apartment on Main Street for the long weekend.  46c48aeee26be6624bae343c165889a8 In addition to wine tasting,54ceba76b12deb91e824302178b1fba1  we are planning on going to 3f5c595fa45969238dfe20033caabe41 Whitehouse-Crawford,   cf540a793d72837367e08588a359e1cd wandering through our college campus,158a0d4fe74acf0450d9f9ce8251ecc2 b5aef0072173e9da649cbfe84ff2aa3f and enjoying the beautiful scenery and wheat fields.cd7688f2a735b4e0f195ff2e8a21a795   2be4db7078ad81fe7378f2f67114b6cb All photos can be found on my Pinterest Seattle and Washington State board.

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