My Week = Lots of Food and Cat Pictures

  image On Monday, I met my mom, uncle, and grandparents for lunch. Mom suggested pie!  image We shared savory macaroni and cheese pies, chicken pot pies and BBQ pork pies. (They are all the size of a large cupcake!) image We also had a chocolate creme pie, a blueberry and mango pie and another one called “berry awesome”. Tuesday and Wednesday were filled with work but I did take a cute picture of Lily image and wild roses near my house image and picked up Father’s day cards!image Last night, we met my family for a late dinner (so Mr. F made a light dinner of poached eggs, wilted garlic and mushrooms at 5.) image  We were celebrating Janie, who just got back from Equador! The whole family was happy she made it back safe and sound! IMG_2153 By the way, my grandmother is the cutest. She brought us Vega chocolates and bags from her recent trip to Palm Springs. IMG_2161 She also posed for hilarious pictures with a pigs in a blanket! IMG_2169 I love my sissies!IMG_2184

Today, all the neighbor cats must have known how much I love them, because three kitties came up to me and asked to be petted! image This kitty comes to our backyard almost daily and today it was sleeping in our grass! imageimage On my lunch break, I went to yoga and saw another neighborhood kitty. It came up to me meowing and saying ‘hi’!  image I also had a delicious spicy lamb sausage for lunch with fries on top at the local deli next to my yoga studio. They had so many cool pates that I can’t wait to go back there soon. It also turns out my dad’s godson grew up with the owner too!imageOn my way home, I saw this cute cat imageimage and these beautiful flowers! imageimage We don’t have many weekend plans yet but I’m really looking forward to more yoga, watching True Blood and the Borgias and hopefully having my parents over for dinner too.

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