Day 24 My Worst Traits


I love multitasking which means I can get distracted easily.

I also have trouble saying “no”, so I get caught without enough time to do everything.

I’m always trying to make everyone happy which can get in the way of my happiness. Sometimes I need to work on boundaries. I also care too much what others think of me….


By the way, here’s a picture of me riding Annie in shorts, in the summer! I wrote about her on Day 18, a childhood memory.

One thought on “Day 24 My Worst Traits

  1. Christina @ The Murrayed Life

    It’s so, so hard not to care what others think of you if you are wired to worry about it. I still struggle with it, and probably always will, so I guess I just try my hardest to be nice and kind while not letting go of who I am and what I want. Most people seem pleased enough with that. 🙂


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