I struggle with working from home for the first time


Day 20 of Blog Every Day In MayGet real. Share something you’re struggling with right now.

To quote Jenni, “This May Challenge. I am struggling with this May challenge. Hehe. No but really. I am.”

Actually, it is learning to appreciate working from home. I miss coworkers. I miss more social interactions. I like being surrounded by people to bounce ideas off of and to share work inspiration. Instant messaging with my classmates and fellow coworkers only gets me so far. I have been reminded many times that my job will eventually have me travel 4-5 days a week so I should savor my time at home with training. Mr F is not as social as I am but is starting to understand after all my complaining! I’m so used to having cubicle mates that it is shocking to have the whole house to myself.

This weekend was fabulously friend filled. We had a long walk through Discovery Park with a friend and her dog. We also saw the new Star Trek movie!  image  imageimage

“Just keep swimming” is what I try to remind myself on a daily basis to motivate myself at home!

Speaking of social, this blog every day in May challenge is a great way to meet blog friends! I’m also participating in a Bloglovin’ link up through Postcards from Rachel. Check it out here!

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