10 things that make me happy

Yay, today’s prompt is ten things that make you really happy. I appreciate this because I was quite annoyed by the internet going down in the middle of a big project today, so it is good to remind myself what makes me happy. In no particular order, because it depends on day….

1. My grandmother, Tootie. IMG_1442 She is so thoughtful and she understands me better than most of my family.

2. My cats image are so sweet and cuddly.

3. Good food image makes me very happy. image (Tonight, we had delicious Italian food at Agrodolce.)image 

4. Pretty dresses with comfortable but cute shoes

5. Taking great photos and looking at them afterwards


6. Whales (I’m starting to plan my next trips to Orcas Island and Maui, in hopes of see more whales!)

7. Spending time with friends

8. Relaxing by reading a good book or watching a favorite TV show

9. The feeling you get after yoga or a workout (but not the soreness so much)

10. My husband image !

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!