Day 10-Yikes

BlogEverdayDay 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment (s). Spill.

When I was in high school, I had a mortifying “girl” moment. The short version is my friend had to tell me that I had “stained” my pants. A teacher had told her, in order to spare me further embarrassment by telling me directly. Of course I did not have extra pants at school and my friend had a pair of pants that were not my size, so I ended up driving home to change my pants. Thankfully the teacher who had noticed had a daughter my age and had thoughtfully told my friend before anyone else noticed!!!

In the same year, the same teacher asked me about my car in the school parking  lot when they noticed something odd in the back of my car… I drove the family Volvo and the weekend before my mom had picked up some random trash that someone had thrown if front of our yard, but I looked suspicious because there were a bunch of dirty beer cans in my backseat at school!! Fortunately, I was good student and the teacher understood that I wasn’t the person who put them in the car. They recommended I remove the trash and beer cans before a cop noticed and I get in bigger trouble!

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