Every day in May-things that make me uncomfortable



New day and new prompt

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable BlogEverday

I’m sure I’ll think of more things, after I publish this post, but here’s a list of things that make me uncomfortable:

-When someone talks down to me and patronizes me (I really don’t react well either)

-Awkward conversations about anything

-Passive aggressiveness

-Too much public display of affection (hugs are fine, but I hate watching people make out)

-Horror movies, or any scenes that make me jump

-Being hungry makes me uncomfortable and very cranky

-My kitties crying like there’s something wrong. I’m sure it’s hardwired in me, because if one of our cats is crying anywhere in the house, I wake up or hear it instantly. The poor things had teeth issues and had to have teeth pulled today. Fortunately, they’re not in pain and enjoying their pain patches. We’re trying not to laugh at their Elizabethan collars. 945291_623245903532_1007421506_n I think they would be great characters in A Comedy of Errors.

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