Our Sun-filled Weekend in Berkeley and Napa!

We recently came back from a fun foodie, long weekend with Mohit in Berkeley! We arrived Friday and immediately got 550336_621845479992_164778095_n pizza (with nettles!) We soaked up the sun on the patio of Gather, which is next to the beautiful UC Berkeley campus. 71469_621845400152_347983024_n After lunch we also dined on delightful gelato at Lush gelato.  408711_621845594762_1788716395_n If you can’t tell, we were already getting a little sunburnt because it was in the upper 70s in Berkeley!163550_621863942992_1452887566_nFor dinner, we took the Bart to Oakland.11754_621864187502_1262193087_n We got goat paella at Duende521868_621869387082_1471265759_n On Saturday morning, we met our old friends, Kyle and Jennifer and their baby, Sarah for brunch at La NoteIMG_1063 We walked off some of the delicious carbs with a steep walk to the Berkeley Rose Garden. IMG_1081IMG_1067It was so warm that the entire park smelled like roses. 399699_621922854932_29747421_nIMG_1117 IMG_1132IMG_1145On our way back down the hill, we checked out Mohit’s favorite wine store, called Vintage Berkeley.376062_621922979682_926369652_n I thought they had a super cute bubble bath! 30543_621922964712_1676277270_n  Saturday night, we had dinner in San Francisco, so we took the Bart again. It was a longer trip so I took the opportunity to take more pictures!37054_621937560462_1308265316_n  It’s fun being a paparazzi. 524720_621945858832_1448990281_n We went to Bar Tartine in the Mission. 420617_621945878792_867078632_nSome of the dishes we enjoyed were beef tartare with egg, 399889_621945908732_793255336_ntendon and spinach, 430253_621945938672_1952443737_n as well as cheese dumplings with red beets. We were so full that we didn’t even have room for dessert. 375901_621945953642_1565422070_n On the way home, we missed our Bart train so we waited an additional 20 minutes on the platform, so Mohit posed for more pictures. IMG_1181 We drove to Napa on Sunday! Our first stop was Vine Cliff, where we got to tour vineyards and wine caves!IMG_1203 IMG_1204 We also enjoyed refreshing Chardonnay while sitting next to a picturesque pond with blooming lilies and irises.IMG_1217 Mohit thought it looked like a Monet  painting. (I’m glad I put sunscreen on, because it was in the mid 80s before noon!)IMG_1233IMG_1255 For lunch, we went to Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, where we enjoyed oysters, 427872_622004536242_1123771424_nIMG_1258fried quail and campfire pie! 532950_622030888432_17457169_n Our next stop was Honig, which means “honey”! 375932_622030913382_805582401_n We also went to St. Suprey. My favorite stop of the day was going to ad hoc, Thomas Keller’s family style restaurant. 408626_622083298402_1327470582_n Check out our menu! It changes everyday. 562424_622083263472_1203435842_n15290_622083183632_1252408436_n The salad was delectable and each dish after was so amazing, it’s hard to describe.935599_622083198602_1846621667_nIMG_1308 I couldn’t believe we had ice cream sundaes for dessert too! 408752_622083213572_1656762325_n 550345_622083233532_1411470821_n  Mr. F and I flew home Monday afternoon, slightly sleep deprived and very full!

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