We’re going to Berkeley tomorrow

Mr. F and I are flying to Berkeley, California fe7c9d982ee964296fe38c376d074359 tomorrow to visit our friend, Mohit! It’s also 20 degrees warmer than Seattle. We’ve known Mohit since 2005 198468_503510763712_6400_n and he’s one of our best friends. Check out these throwback photos from 2006! 225100_503511192852_2828_n 197081_503510873492_5489_nHe was even one of our groomsmen at our wedding 335_509366339092_7608_n but we haven’t lived in the same city since early 2009. It’s going to be a fun foodie and wine weekend to catch up. We have reservations at some really amazing places too!

We’re going into San Francisco for dinner one night at Bar Tartine! How amazing does this Smoked Salmon Smorrebrod from Bar Tartine look? 830138f46df117280054f407282db423

We’re also going to Napa Valley for a day. 2493440fc334593cc6e925c9ed53411c Mohit made wine tasting appointments at Vine Cliff and Honig with lunch at Cindy’s backstreet kitchen! e011cad9fc9afb869afade7d689a2f3bWe’re also going to dinner at Thomas Keller’s ad hocbbb0fb32ef2c8f813db9732d7df1ad39

If you’re curious, many of these photos can be found on my Pinterest board, San Francisco Ideas.

I can’t wait to post my pictures soon!

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