We’re going to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island!

I’m so excited. We’re going to spend a three day weekend on San Juan Island. It’s about 3 hours away from Seattle including a lovely ferry ride! It’s also the beginning of the whale watching season. I hope we see Orcas!

Mr. F and I went to San Juan Island when we were 19 and can’t wait to go back. The British and American Camps are great parks to hike around and last time we saw otters!

My family went to Orcas Island for Father’s Day in 2010. June 2010 Ferry It is the island next to San Juan Island and it was amazing. sisters june 2010I love the ferry ride from Anacortes Anacortes June 2010through the islands. ferry june 2010It’s suppose to be sunny and almost 60 when we go! I can’t wait!

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