Spring in Seattle

Spring has sprung in Seattle and it’s only the first week of March! image It’s so funny to me that Chicago could get up to a foot of snow tomorrow. Winter is not over in the Midwest! While there are certain things and people I miss in Chicago, we are very happy to be back in Seattle. I guess we should count ourselves fortunate that it only snows heavily in Chicago, when we don’t live there!

On Mr. F’s birthday, it was sunny and at least, 50 degrees.  We celebrated with a fun sushi lunch image image and a super fancy dinner at Canlis. Unfortunately those photos are on my camera and my laptop died, so I am only able to add photos from my phone currently.image Luckily, I take A LOT of photos.

Our recent outdoor adventures have been well documented with my iPhone camera. A little drizzle, on Friday, did not stop us from an afternoon hike in Carkeek Park.image I love wearing my Hunter boots and splashing in muddy puddles! image The path started as a trail winding through trees and opens up in several places for an orchard image, a few swampy areas, and a creek where salmon spawn.image We also saw snowdrops blooming in the moss as we walked to the beach.image It was pretty windy and the water was very cold, as I rinsed the mud off my boots, imagebut it was totally worth it for all the picture opportunities! (And after Chicago, Seattle’s wind is nothing.) image We even got a free cupcake at Cupcake Royale after our walk! They have a 1st of the month promotion, if you get a cup of coffee. For the month of March, it was lemon pistachio! imageOver the weekend, we ran through our old neighborhood in Queen Anne and went across the Ballard Locks.  imageWhile we did not see any salmon jumping (yet), we did take advantage of the nearby Car2go!  imageI love how the country station is always on when we get into a Car2go. Can you tell Mr. F loves the music too?  

Our new Sunday tradition is to get brunch/lunch near the Ballard Farmer’s Market. This weekend, we went to King’s Hardware for burgers and lemonade!image

Today was super sunny again!image Lily and Lyra loved all the sun spots in the house! Mr. F and I went to visit the beach where we got married for our lunch breaks! The tide was out and image imageso were the Olympic Mountains! Isn’t Seattle amazing?

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!