Training for my new job!

I’ve finally found a few minutes to catch up with my blogging!73300_610492266922_1250385297_nOn the way to my new job training a few weeks ago, Mt. Rainer looked radiant from the plane! 67475_610492486482_2143852581_nMy mom was so sweet and ordered roses for my hotel room. It was such a nice welcome treat!   421580_610492646162_147491902_n Over the two weeks, I met so many fun new co-workers! We had a great time going out to dinner together most nights, when we weren’t studying.318036_610492810832_1608435911_n 22212_610492995462_1456807435_n On the weekend, in between studying and online training modules, we went hiking around Raleigh.550182_610493065322_816242166_n Marie and I became fast friends and not just because we’re both Filipino.320940_610493210032_474976945_nWe both love taking pictures! 310056_610493324802_114713591_nSunday was a beautiful 60 degree day, so we walked to the North Carolina Museum Of Art, 164396_610493479492_1691178171_n 3.5 miles away from the hotel. 295321_610493449552_684316022_n 549916_610493599252_1217948055_n It was a great hike!67066_610494018412_16540479_n Sunday night, it was a coincidence that three of us wore purple. It also made for a great photo! 533624_610494028392_217454263_n Marie helped me suggest a group training photo! 554395_610494312822_188543509_n 164492_610494377692_1395935628_n On our last night in Raleigh, most of the class met at the local tavern for dinner and drinks. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone after training, studying and getting so close after two weeks! 601230_610495255932_506153116_n Interestingly enough, half of the class got stuck at the Raleigh-Durham airport due to freezing rain 269359_610495385672_610865981_nso we didn’t have to say good bye too fast!! It’s wonderful to be home, especially after having a real “road warrior” experience on Friday and staying the night in Charlotte.

Since I’ve been home in Seattle, Mr. F and I have had so much FUN, working from home together, and 217527_610867470012_57614932_n going on lunch dates every day! 598762_610976366782_152013617_n Mr. F has helped me set up my home office too! 530686_610858188612_590193725_nIt’s a real treat to work from home!

Please feel free to tell me real people read my blog and not just spammers comment! Cheers!