Monthly Archives: January 2013

My new job training

imageWow, sorry for the radio silence! I am halfway trough my new job training in North Carolina and I have been studying every night after class. Fortunately, I’m having a blast with discussions and networking. I love that everyone in my training is enthusiastic and and excited to be here, just like me!

In the last 10 days…

On Tuesday, New Year’s Day, we started our drive fromimage Chicago to Seattle! Katy and Rob’s party image for New Year’s Eve, the night before was tons of fun with chicken and waffles along with Just Dance! Our first stop on our cross-country adventure was Rock Falls, IL. We met up with Mr. F’s mentor and his wonderful family.image We walked along their frozen riverimage and into Sterling, IL for lunch.image We woke up super early on January 2nd, for the 12 hour drive to Boulder. image  We loved Mr. F’s cousin’s house above Boulder, with sweeping views of Denver. imageWe only had two minor mishaps with a cat accident in the car while driving through Nebraska and Lyra getting lost in the Colorado house for 12 hours. We finally found her when Mr. F hear a faint mew. She had fallen in a 5 foot drop between the two chimneys and couldn’t jump back up! imageFortunately, our drive between Boulder and Boise, ID and between Boise and Seattle, was significantly less eventful! imageAs we drove across Washington State, we stopped at one of our favorite Red Robin’s and rejoiced in the rain versus snow.

My parents had met the moving truck on Saturday, so when we arrived Sunday afternoon it was nice to just unpack a few things, like our bed and other essentials. imageThe kitties like our new place with stairs and plenty of windows!


Since Sunday, we’ve unpacked our entire house and visited some of our favorite restaurants. Monday night, we went to the Walrus and the Carpenter. imageimage We love oysters and this is our favorite happy hour place too! We also got chicken liver mousse imageand pumpkin doughnuts!imageWe also celebrated being back in Seattle with some of our favorite Washington wine, like the Emmy (a Mourvedre blend) from Efeste!image

We love being back in Seattle! This Sunday, my two week training starts for my new job. Wish me luck!