We are moving to Seattle and I’m happier than a slinky on an escalator!

It’s official! After a couple of months of searching for a new job, I landed my dream job. I received my new job offer on Tuesday and Mr. F called the movers the same day. My last day of work is December 31st and then we’re starting our drive across the country to Seattle on January 1st. Lily and Lyra will drive with us to our new townhouse in Fremont!

We’re celebrating Christmas weekend in St. Louis, but the moving truck will pack up our apartment on the 26th!!!

We’re looking forward to stopping the first day in Western Illinois, then driving to Boulder, Colorado for a few days, and also stopping in Boise, Idaho to see friends.

Depending on storms and how fast the moving truck takes to get to Seattle, we plan on driving leisurely and getting into Seattle by the 8th of January. My first day of training is January 14th.

WOW, I’m happier than a slinky on an escalator.



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