Lincoln Park Zoo and the baby zebra

We went to the Lincoln Park Zoo this weekend! Mr. F and I got brunch in Lincoln Park and then walked through the zoo to see the baby zebra! The little boy was born this summer on August 23rd.Source: via Emily on Pinterest
The colt’s name is Kito, which is Swahili for “jewel”. The mama zebra’s name is Adia and the dad zebra’s name is Clayton.We had so much fun watching it run around the pen.Kito was so cute with brown and white stripes. He even had a fuzzy mohawk along his spine!Kito reminded me of our baby horse, Zoe, so gangly and uncoordinated. He was all legs.When we walked by the warthogs, Mr. F proudly annouced this was a poop colored Pumba. The child next to him, instantly, goes, “Daddy, daddy, it’s a poop Pumba.” Now he knows that children repeat everything you say, whether you mean it our not!Surprisingly, Sunday was warm at nearly 70 degrees! 
It was super blustery too.
Shockingly, it dropped 30 degrees by Monday morning and even snowed lightly. Fortunately, the weather is warming up again and should be sunny and about 50 degrees for Katy’s wedding this weekend!

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