I need New Orleans ideas, please!

I’m so excited, we’re going to New Orleans! Source: google.com via Marilyn on Pinterest

I have a work conference in December and Mr. F is coming with me! We’re staying one extra night too. I need ideas for things to see, do and eat!Source: miguelsolorzano.com via Miguel on Pinterest

Beignets are a must! Where are the best places to get beignets in New Orleans? Is Cafe Du Monde, the place to go?Source: google.com via Marilyn on Pinterest

Where are great po’boys sold?

I love King Cake. Can you get it year round, or only during Mardi Gras, or on special order?

I’m thinking the French Quarter, Bourbon Street and the Garden District are places to see….

Mr. F really wants to go to Emeril’s original restaurant so I made reservations for lunch, when we get in.

Plus, we’re going right before Christmas!

Even if it rains while we’re in New Orleans, I will think of this scene Source: bit.ly via Tim on Pinterest
or Source: flickr.com via Tim on Pinterest
I think New Orleans is so romantic!

I cannot wait for our trip!Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com via Miguel on Pinterest

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