Groupon Riding Lessons at Bell Acres

My cousin, Katy, and I got a Groupon for riding lessons and we finally redeemed them last weekend and this weekend.We drove out to Homer Glen where the Bell Acres kitties  greeted us as soon as we got out of our car!

For our first lesson, we had horses named Trotsky and John John. We also saw a cute hackney pony too!We had our second lesson last Sunday and we rode two different horses, Reba and Maggie.Today, we had our third and final lesson. The cute orange cat greeted us again. However, our lessons were a lot harder today. I have never ridden saddleseat before and it was really difficult! I wasn’t used to the double reins or holding my arms at a higher angle, even the bits look completely different than the basic snaffles I’m used to!  Katy and I are looking for riding lessons at a Hunter/Jumper or Western barn next!

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