To Do in Chicago this Fall

At the beginning of the summer, I made a list of Chicago foodie places that I wanted to check out this summer. We checked out Kuma’s Corner,  and got the Lair of the Minotaur!We also went to g.e.b.!It was hard not to love the atmosphere and delectable food.I really enjoyed the handmade cavatelli. We even saw Graham Elliot!!!He also replied to one my tweets from the night! 
@grahamelliot I had such a great time at g.e.b. that I blogged all about it. ……

@Fettbot sweet pics!

Last weekend, Mr. F and I were jogging in Lincoln Park and went to Pequod’s Pizza for lunch!

There are still a few restaurants that I’d love to check this fall, like the Girl & Goat

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

and also the Purple Pig. 

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

I haven’t been to Big Star yet, either! 

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

Are there other cuisines, or restaurants, that I should try soon?

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