Outdoor Activities in Northern Michigan

Tuesday morning, we all went for tennis drills on the CSA beach courts.I forgot my sunglasses but I still got a good workout in my tennis skirt!After lunch, we went for a walk to Point Betsie and the lighthouse. It was fascinating to watch the fog come in. By the end of the walk, my hair looked liked I had a crown of raindrops and each of our eyebrows were glistening!The camera had trouble capturing the tiny crystals! 

Yesterday, the lake had warmed up more so we attempted swimming again. Mr. F was the only one brave enough to stay in longer than a few minutes. Lee Lee, the wirehair fox terrier, even go too cold doggy paddling.I got several great photos wading in the water. 

 Mr. F’s sister and her fiance made a cosmic rock structure on the beach that looks very romantic.Mr. F found the ocean kayaks yesterday too!We had so much fun going along the Frankfort coastline.The water was extremely calm and clear too! We have to do a few eskimo rolls to get all the spiders out thought! It was a good way to cool off!We even saw  the remains of an old seawall, or dock, under water!It was a great way to spend the afternoon. I hope Lake Michigan is calm enough to take the kayaks out again later this week! [Today is stormy, so we’re reading, blogging, sending postcards and running errands in town! Hopefully the winds bring in warmer water!]

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