Wine Tasting in Northern Michigan

Yesterday, it was a little overcast, so we drove to Traverse City for wine tasting. We stopped briefly at the Congregational Summer Assembly for a game of fooseball.Our first winery was L. Mawby where they are known for their bubbles.My sister-in-law and her fiance obliged me in taking several fun photos. We loved the cat weathervane. Mr. F was not as excited to take photos,  but he made up for it in the grape fields!We picked our favorite bubbles and  had fish pate and crackers on the patio. We saw a neat, yellow, furry caterpillar near us.I love self portraits, can you tell?!Our second stop was the Peninsula Winery in an old schoolhouse. We enjoyed their riesling!The 2 Lads winery was the last stop.It was a neat corrugated, modern building with an amazing view of Grand Traverse Bay.Of course, Mr. F and I took more pictures outside!We had so much fun.Check out the view from inside the tasting room!KJ and my sister helped pick out a few fun wines for dinner too.My favorite was the Cab Franc rose and not just because it matched my Land’s End Canvas shirt!

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