My sister came for an impromptu visit!

My middle sister was in the Midwest for a long weekend and drove down from Milwaukee to visit for a night. It was such a nice, quick visit!She picked me up from work and we went for a walk in River North. We even got frozen yogurt. After dinner, Janie suggested we do an intense but quick workout of lunges and a short run. It was tiring! We did have a nice cool down by taking pictures on the bridge near my house. It was a great sister bonding time. 
The next morning, Janie took me to work in her cute red rental Fiat.Before she dropped me off at work in Park Ridge, we stopped one block away at my grandmother’s old high school!
Of all the suburbs in Chicago, I happen to work in the one that my grandmother grew up in! Thus, my sister and I had take lots of pictures documenting our visit to our grandmother’s high school! It was so wonderful to spend time with my sister!!! 

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