Fette Family Hiking

Last Saturday, Mr. F’s family and I met for brunch before a long hike in the Rocky Mountain National Forest! Mr F and his Mom both wore visors and had similar beautiful bangs!We warmed up by walking around part of Lake Estes. We saw turkey vultures, posed for a few pictures on a beautiful bridge, and then drove to the Cub Lake trail head !It was perfect weather for hiking. 
We got lots of great family photos too!
This is taken towards the beginning of the hike.There were many cute squirrels and chipmunks at the lake.They balanced on their hind legs and looked very cute!We thought they must have been chubby from all the hikers feeding them!Mr. F, his sister, her fiance and I waited by the lake for the parents to catch up and took a few more photos!It made my mother-in-law happy that we got a group one all together too!We finished our hike in the early afternoon, only an hour or so before the wedding started! Next up, a post with pictures from C and R’s wedding ceremony!

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